5606 Oak Place, Bethesda, MD 20817

Client:  Stefan and rita roos

Marketing/Media Activity and Implementation Dates

1.    Sample Date:   Home staging deliver, installation and design

2.   August 15:  Complete 30-Professional HD Photos for best web position and exposure

3.   August 15:  Lights, Camera, Action! Immersive Virtual Reality 3D Tour captured 

4.   August 16:  Place “For Sale” signage

5.   August 16:  Lockbox placed on property

6.   August 16:  Post Card Invitations in-home "Neighbor-Only Happy Hour Soiree" (377 neighbors)

7.    August 17:  Home is listed "LIVE" on MLS and aggregated to over 200 national websites

8.   August 17:  Produce & Place customized printed brochures for in-house visitations

9.   August 17:  Translate the property listing into 19 different languages

10.   August 17: Create custom Global Luxury Showcase (translates into 19 different languages)

11.    August 17:  List property on our ProxioPro Global Networking Platform (over 600,000 agents)

12.   August 17: List property on our ListHub Global Marketing Platform

13.   August 17: Launch customized property website for Immersive 3-D Virtual Reality Tour

14.   August 17:  Showcase property on

15.   August 17: Showcase property on NGage Properties Group Facebook page

16.   August 17: List on Keller Williams Luxury Homes International Platform

17.   August 17: Host an Invitation-Only Luxury Home Soiree (neighbors only)

18.   August 17:  Release "Just Listed" Email to NPG database of >650 people

19.   August 17: Identify and market to the most qualified affluent, high net worth individuals

20.  August 17: Precision targeting based on geography, wealth and lifestyle attributes

21.   August 17: Home officially open for agent showings

22.  August 17: Release highly targeted local and national email campaign to luxury agents - local

23.  August 17: Release highly targeted global email campaign to luxury agents - worldwide

24.  August 19: Place Open House signs and attention-seeking place balloons

25.  August 19: Host public Open House