nicole changed the game

"Nicole changed my entire home buying experience! I was having a terrible time with a popular program for first-time home buyers and almost quit the entire process. However, a family member referred me to Nicole and she saved me. The dream I had for my son and I became a possibility again. Nicole  held my hand, calmed my fears and made sure I was informed every step. She was timely with responses and fierce when it came to negotiating for me. I closed in February 2018 and I'm loving every moment in my new home. I had been in the home buying process for over a year when Nicole and I met. I was tired from all the obstacles. She changed the game for me and I'm forever grateful! Nicole works with all budgets so don't sell yourself short. Check her out first!"

- Tamatia H.


"After interviewing multiple realtors in the Washington, DC area, we ultimately decided to go with Nicole Butler as our realtor...and we absolutely made the right decision.  Here are some of the highlights of what can accurately be described as a "smooth sailing" experience.

First, and foremost, Nicole came prepared to let us know what would sell our home.  She has an amazing team of people with whom she works that took care of home repairs, staging, advertising and the like.  We literally were able to hand her the keys and she assumed responsibility to make everything perfect.

Also, Nicole was available and very communicative.  We always knew where we were in the process.  We've had other experiences with realtors elsewhere that made us think that "non-communicative" was simply the norm...but Nicole assured us that regular communication was something we should expect.  And she delivered.

And, of course, the sale of the home itself was flawless.  When the home was staged, she sent us the online profile, and we simply were floored at how amazing it was.  We said to ourselves..."Is this our house?"  Ultimately, we got a better offer than what we were asking.  

Clearly, Nicole knows what she is doing, and we would HIGHLY recommend her."

- Mark B., PhD

Unbelievably Quick

"The swiftness in which Nicole got our house under contract was unbelievable. Our house was put on the market on May 1st, by May 5th, we had 11 offers. On the table...written up in an excel spreadsheet of all our offers with all the details we needed in order to select a buyer. We walked away with $35,000 more than what we expected."

– Lucille D.


"We had a hard task at hand - buy a house for our family in two months.  

When we first met with Nicole, we explained our very tight timeline and Nicole reassured us that despite the short time, it was possible to buy the house we were looking for.  She immediately got to work and the very next day, we were already visiting houses for sale.

Every house that we visited, Nicole used it as an opportunity to learn about our priorities and preferences for the future house.  That way, very early in the process, she was offering us options that met our needs.  Nicole always accompanied us during our house-hunting and taught us how to see the house inside and out to quickly identify issues. 

We are parents of three with full time jobs and Nicole worked around our schedule to accomplish the goal of having a house we wanted soon.  Nicole uses the latest Information Technology to communicate with her clients, which made efficient use of our time and facilitated all needed paperwork.

As first-time home buyers, we knew nothing about the process of acquiring a house, but Nicole had the patience to explain the entire process and patiently walk us through it step by step.  She was willing to take all of the time necessary to answer our questions.  Buying a house could be a very stressful process, but Nicole's positive attitude and work ethic made the experience much easier for us.  

After we selected the house we liked, Nicole accompanied us at the home inspection. At the time of negotiations, Nicole offered an effective strategy and clearly conveyed our position to the sellers.  As a result, we believe we got a good deal for the house we bought under Nicole's guidance.  We highly recommend Nicole and we certainly will use her services as real estate agent in the future."

-Elena & Vicente

Impossible Sale

"Without Nicole's savoir faire, this transaction would've never happened. We would recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home."

– Amy and Tonya

Nicole is the very best

"Nicole Butler is one of the DC region's fastest-rising real estate stars because she provides a level of service I have never experienced from another Realtor. Her concierge approach to real estate assures that her client's needs will be met at every turn. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the region's neighborhoods, which allows her not only to discover the best property, but also the ideal location for her clients. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, invest, or you're planning a major relocation to the DC area, Nicole Butler is the Realtor you should contact first!"

– Brian G.

Very Impressive

"I worked with Nicole on a family property that I was interested in. She was very responsive to my questions and needs. Her patience and knowledge in explaining the negotiation process was impressive. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who needs someone to navigate the crazy real estate market. I am still working with Nicole."

– Natlian L.

Very Understanding

"Our dream came true, and although my wife and I knew it was a possibility, Nicole Butler helped make it a reality. During our journey of selling and buying a home, we developed one of the best professional business relationships we've ever had. We met Nicole at one of her Open House exhibits. She was very personal, and took the time to discuss our vision and goals. With no pressure, Nicole invited us to meet with her at the office to further discuss the selling and buying process. We had not planned on selling and/or buying a home, but we met with her. Nicole was extremely organized, knowledgeable about our market, and gave us a detailed report of the housing market trends in our region. In short, this was a great time in the housing market, and there were incredible opportunities. My wife and I had not planned to sell or buy a home, and six weeks later from our initial meeting, we sold our house above market value, bought, and moved into our dream home.

Selling our home was difficult because we had personal attachments and feelings in our investment.

Nicole had the resources necessary to help sell our home, and she never pressured us into any decisions. More importantly, she was our advocate, making sure that our interest and assets were protected during every step. Amazing that a simple open house visit, would be the start to one of the best professional relationships we ever had. Selling our home was difficult because we had personal attachments and feelings in our investment. Nicole offered objective, but reassuring counsel and guidance, that was instrumental in assisting us in the sale of our home. After she compiled a list of our “needs” and “wants” for a new home, she made an effort to maximize our time to make sure that every house we viewed met our requirements. Additionally, we were the first buyers to walk into many of the houses that we viewed, which gave us an advantage when we bid on the homes that we loved. We could have found a great house using another real estate agent, but we we purchased our dream home using Nicole." 

– Jesus and Teri M.

We were First Time Buyers

"I met Nicole at an open house down the street from our previous house. Our family knew we had little less than two months to find a place for our big family to move. Prior to this, we only stepped into two other open houses around the area, not knowing what our budget or what area was even a possibility for us. At the other open houses, my boyfriend and I went to the agents showing the house were pushy and also seemed to judgmental, one agent said we couldn’t come inside till we checked in and installed an app on our phones, and other places asking where our “agent” was. Nicole welcomed us to her open house, later we found out the house she was showing was way over our budget, but she was willing to work for us and treated us like we were top priority.

We were pretty demanding clients, we needed a place in DC, on a budget, that could fit our whole family (of 6), and be able to close in a month. Once we met Nicole and she helped us with the pre-approval process, she was at our beckon call every day, any hour. Each day she sent us new listings and asked us which houses we wanted to see, even the same day we had a key to those places. Once we found the place that was for us, she went to bat for us after the inspection and when we made our offer. Nicole made the whole experience as stress-free as possible. She even negotiated for us not taking “No” for an answer on some major concerns. We bought our house at the price and terms we wanted, even staying under budget!

As new home buyers, this process was scary and time consuming, Nicole broke every step down and explained every little detail, from touring the home, to inspection, to signing the closing paper work. Even after buying the home she was always in communication with us. She helped us buy a security system, and referred excellent contractors that would eventually turn our new home into our dream home. Even after the whole home buying process is done my boyfriend and I know we have someone that really made a difference in our life at a stressful time in our lives. Nicole is much more than a real estate agent to us, she has turned into a life-long friend and mentor. I can’t thank Nicole enough!" 

– Sarah and Danny

Huge Savings

"Nicole Butler helped me locate and secure a condo on a very short timeline. She was unreal throughout this process, and she got a home for me that I never would have gotten on my own. Nicole also negotiated a rate that was significantly less than the original asking price. I would encourage anyone looking to buy, sell, invest, or rent in the DC/VA/MD region to reach out to Nicole early. Let her know your goals and plans for the future because she can be very helpful with the entire process and timeline. Nicole is truly a pleasure to work with."

– Nick D'antonio

She understood my goals

"Nicole Butler is an awesome real estate agent! I first met Nicole at an event and while we were getting to know each other, I learned that she was a real estate agent, and she found out that I owned a vacant condominium on Pennsylvania Avenue in Penn Quarter. The conversation eventually led to her discussing my vision and goals for getting a qualified tenant in the condo. She was very knowledgeable about the rental market and the area where the condo is located - she provided me with a detailed report of the rental market and trends in area.

During the short time while Nicole had the condo listed for rent, she kept me informed as to her progress and asked for my input throughout the process. As a real estate investor, I appreciated the fact that Nicole has a detailed system where the paperwork involved in establishing our client / realtor relationship was simplified and did not take a lot of time to complete. Nicole offered objective and reassuring counsel and guidance, while demonstrating her expert knowledge about the rental market, which ultimately secured a tenant in record time.

Based on her expertise and professionalism, Nicole found an excellent tenant for my condo in about 30 days. Before Nicole became involved, my condo sat vacant for almost two years while other real estate agents attempted (and failed) to find a qualified tenant.

By renting out my condo in such a short period of time, Nicole demonstrated her expertise in real estate transactions and her passion for helping her clients realize their vision and goals. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to buy, sell, invest, or rent in the DC/VA/MD area because she is a pleasure to work with and she knows the real estate market."

– Denise M.