NGage Properties Group assists real estate investors with a wide range of services: From purchases and sales to property management, we can assist investors with all sorts of residential real estate needs.

Analysis and purchase of single and multi-family properties

We help you find and review income properties that are a fit for your experience level, budget, and investment goals. Buying an income property is different than buying a home to live in: “You’re buying cash flow, not crown molding.” Whether you are a novice or an experienced investor – you want the same thing: the best return on your investment. So, it is extremely important that, as a real estate investor, you work with a real estate company that has the knowledge and experience you need to find the best income properties that fit your needs. BP Homes assists real estate investors find and analyze income property that fits your experience level, budget, and investment goals.


What is a Fix and Flip property? It is a property that an investor buys, remodels (Fix), and then sells (Flip) for a profit. This was quite common during the recent real estate boom in the mid 2000′s as it was easy to make money through an aggressive appreciation. But these days Fix and Flips are more difficult, requiring careful planning and research. It also requires ample financial resources, with cash being the preferred method of purchase. For these reasons, Fix and Flips are typically suitable more for the more advanced real estate investor.

 After renovation

Selling multi-unit income properties is much different than selling a single family home. Yes, you put a “For Sale” sign up in front of both. Yes, you put both on the MLS. But there are other considerations to be aware of: The pool of Buyers is different, as they have different resources and often different motivations for buying (“They are buying for cash flow, not crown molding.”) Investor buyer’s loan options and guidelines are different, typically requiring higher down payments. Being able to clearly communicate and understand the investment potential in objective terms (cap rate, cash flow, etc.) is necessary. Lastly, there are tenants considerations.

Selling multi-unit Income Properties

Property management

Comprehensive property management services available to keep your investment a healthy, performing asset.