Thank you

Two simple words yet among the most powerful in the English language. They acknowledge, appreciate, and confirm that something positive and special has happened. So, these words are exclusively to my past and current clients, vendors, colleagues and avid supporters: “Thank You!”

As a result of the positive growth we've experienced over the past couple of years, we thought it vital that the company infrastructure and resources evolve and develop accordingly.

Today, we are thrilled to officially announce the launch of NGage Concierge Real Estate Services.  

NGage Concierge Real Estate Services together with NGage Properties Group, provides our clients with a full suite of real estate services for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. Each of our companies has its own specific set of services that function together to meet the unique needs of our global client base.

  • NGage Concierge Real Estate Services takes the best of what we currently offer our real estate clients in the Washington DC metropolitan area and expands its reach to provide an impeccable suite of services to assist clients as they transition from one home to another  - across town or around the globe.
  • NGage Properties Group focuses on our client's specific needs to buy and sell here in the DC metropolitan area (DC, MD and VA).  We are also Certified International Property Specialists (designated by the National Association of Realtors) which certifies us to service our clients locally or globally.  When clients list their home with us, it gets marketed globally not just nationally.  

  • At NGage Properties Group, we remove the uncertainties about how to renovate your home.  If you are preparing to sell your home and want to make updates?  If you just bought a new home and now you want to customize it?  If you simply can't find the house you're really looking for and you're interested in building your dream home from the ground up...NGage Properties Group offers a comprehensive developmental and renovation services. For more information about the process, click on the "Renovations" link in the navigation bar.  You may also take a look at our latest new construction project here "Hillcrest Overlook".  

I look forward to working with you as I begin this exciting new chapter with a more sophisticated and nuanced business model!  Contact us today to get started.